People are over-reacting on chapel plan

10:36am Friday 25th October 2013

WHILE abhorring any form of grave desecration – particularly involving war dead – I feel the objections of South Ockendon Residents’ Association members to the removal of 400 bodies from the Cherry Orchard Chapel site in North Road, as described in last week’s Gazette, are irrational.

They're motivated south of the river

10:35am Friday 25th October 2013

FURTHER to my earlier letter kindly published on public apathy in Thurrock I notice there has been a public meeting in Gravesham to discuss the third Thames Crossing, organised by the Gravesham anti-crossing lobby group.

Politicians need to do more

10:32am Friday 25th October 2013

I WHOLE-HEARTEDLY agree with Ray Abbott (Vote must be earned, Gazette Opinion, September 27).

We're campaigning to save the green belt

10:31am Friday 25th October 2013

I WOULD like to reply to John Cogan’s letter (Gazette Opinion, October 18).

Development will benefit everyone

10:28am Friday 25th October 2013

I WOULD like to congratulate Thurrock Council’s planning committee for their common sense and community supporting decision to approve the housing development at the former Sports and Social Club, Aveley.

Thanks for accident help

10:26am Friday 25th October 2013

I WAS involved in an accident outside the library in Corringham town centre.

Plan doesn't benefit local people enough

2:06pm Wednesday 16th October 2013

FIVE-HUNDRED proposed houses are to be built on green belt land in Aveley – how can this sort of development even be considered when the needs and quality of life of the residents of Aveley have clearly not been taken into account?

We won't let chapel homes plan go away

2:04pm Wednesday 16th October 2013

THE issue of new homes being built on the site of South Ockendon United Reformed Chapel will not go away or be swept under the carpet.

Lack of scrutiny can be dangerous

2:00pm Wednesday 16th October 2013

LIKE many local people, I was dismayed to hear of hundreds of thousands of pounds of public money being siphoned out of the defunct Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation through “financial irregularities”.

Homes consultation was not good enough

1:59pm Wednesday 16th October 2013

I WANT to object to the Cogent Land LLP Housing Development proposal for the building of 800 homes in Corringham.

Tackle our rats problem!

1:58pm Wednesday 16th October 2013

TRAVELLING up St Chads Road in Tilbury today, outside Kushtys, I saw a big rat wander into the road.

Trying to find my nurse saviour

1:57pm Wednesday 16th October 2013

ON July 8 at approximately 4pm I had an accident at Westcliff seafront when a car knocked me down, giving me quite a few injuries.

Book please Jonathan!

1:56pm Wednesday 16th October 2013

I ENJOY reading Down Memory Lane in the Gazette.

Flats on chapel plan is just not acceptable

4:40pm Thursday 10th October 2013

I WAS most disturbed to read about the planning committee’s decision to pass a very controversial application.

Why no action over bad school parking?

4:40pm Thursday 10th October 2013

THIS letter is to express disappointment in Thurrock Council who, having promised action to deal with parents who steadfastly refuse to consider the residents by their often illegal parking outside Tudor Court Primary School, have yet again famously failed to act.

Roundabout work is a headache for bus passengers

4:39pm Thursday 10th October 2013

MY aged parents live in The Sorrells, Stanford-le-Hope overlooking what was once a roundabout and is now in the process of road building work.

Listen to our fears about fumes on field

4:38pm Thursday 10th October 2013

SOME time ago I wrote to Thurrock Conservative MP Jackie Doyle-Price about the danger to the health of students using the sport fields of the Gateway Academy in Tilbury, from diesel exhaust gases drifting across from the lorry park and distribution centre.

We fought a great campaign

4:37pm Thursday 10th October 2013

BARRATT won. The battle is over. 350 homes will be built on green belt land along Butts Lane in Stanford-le-Hope.

Party politics stops them dealing with local issues

4:35pm Thursday 10th October 2013

I NOTICE a big percentage of Gazette letters complaining about councillors’ decisions right across the borough.

My reading was Extremely good!

4:34pm Thursday 10th October 2013

I WOULD like to say a big thank you to Arena Essex for helping me pass my Extreme Reading Challenge.

Council is on the side of travellers

12:13pm Wednesday 2nd October 2013

THURROCK Council’s dealing with the application by travellers for a large site to the back of Malvern Road, Little Thurrock, has been extremely poor to say the least.

Roads need improving as Lakeside expands

12:12pm Wednesday 2nd October 2013

SO Lakeside shopping centre has now got its permission to expand and build even more shops and cafes.

Can't believe they're putting flats in here

12:11pm Wednesday 2nd October 2013

THURROCK Tech is supposedly being pulled down as a new site in the town centre will attract people there and help regeneration.

We're not getting value for money

12:10pm Wednesday 2nd October 2013

PEOPLE at the top of the council are paid very good salaries but I’m not so sure we get value for money.

Thanks for returning my card

12:10pm Wednesday 2nd October 2013

I JUST wanted to express my thanks to the wonderful Stanford couple who returned my debit card in Corringham on Saturday.

Thanks to a great service

12:09pm Wednesday 2nd October 2013

MY elderly mother has started using Trans-Vol, a transport scheme which provides services for the elderly and disabled people who live within Thurrock.

RIP to Grays town centre

11:27am Thursday 19th September 2013

I’D LIKE to send my condolences to the nearly dead Grays High Street after those who supposedly want to better the town voted to allow one of the worst planning applications that has been put forward, to go ahead.

EU regulations are the root cause

11:26am Thursday 19th September 2013

I WAS somewhat surprised that R J Mathews (Gazette Letters, August 31) believes the “sell off” was the reason for the closure of Tilbury Power Station, because our power stations are now owned by French, German and Spanish companies who can do as they wish, the Government having no power to stop them.

Constituents will disagree with Jackie on Syria

11:25am Thursday 19th September 2013

IN the Gazette recently our MP Jackie Doyle-Price told us she was “disgusted” that the vote on action in Syria was defeated.

Other authorities need to help with travellers

11:24am Thursday 19th September 2013

THURROCK Council is considering an application for five traveller caravans to be sited in Malvern Road.

Building work at school concern

11:22am Thursday 19th September 2013

I AM very concerned about the building work going on at the Gateway Academy.

A view from the cruisers

11:20am Thursday 19th September 2013

WITH regards to your front page article (Cruisers on the run, Gazette, September 13).

Tree cull for roundabout is not acceptable

1:28pm Wednesday 11th September 2013

WHILE the roadworks may be essential for the anticipated huge increase in traffic to and from the port, was it really essential to remove every tree, bush, hedge and blade of grass?

Syria vote is democracy in action

1:27pm Wednesday 11th September 2013

RE: Jackie Doyle-Price’s comments about Syria in last week’s Gazette.

Bringing back the footballing memories

1:26pm Wednesday 11th September 2013

AFTER reading Down Memory Lane in the Gazette recently, I should like to thank George Healy, who sadly I do not remember but would surely have played against, for evoking very strong memories of my early footballing days in Thurrock.

Fine does patients no favours

1:24pm Wednesday 11th September 2013

COULD you please let me know where the huge fine goes to that has been taken from Basildon Hospital and what will that money be spent on?

Foster carers are real heroes

1:24pm Wednesday 11th September 2013

I WAS absolutely delighted to join our foster carers at a barn dance event on Sunday.

An exception to the rule

1:23pm Wednesday 11th September 2013

THE page 7 article (Free meals link to not going to university, Gazette, August 23) is, in my opinion, incorrect.

Plants have brightened things up

1:21pm Wednesday 11th September 2013

THERE has been much criticism about Grays, but I must pass a comment on how the baskets of flowers in the town centre add brightness and cheer.

We're a real alternative

11:32am Thursday 5th September 2013

THE pending closure of Tilbury Power Station, with the loss of several hundred local jobs, may be a tipping point for many in Thurrock.

Sell off was the beginning of the end

11:31am Thursday 5th September 2013

READING the letter by David Morrish in the Gazette recently, blaming Europe for the closure of Tilbury Power Station.

Chaos reigned dealing with my problem

11:30am Thursday 5th September 2013

LAST week the residents of Colne, East Tilbury, were graced with fly-tippers who kindly left us the remains of someone’s old kitchen.

New driving rules not being enforced

11:29am Thursday 5th September 2013

TWO weeks on since the introduction of the new motoring laws (hogging the outside lanes, tailgatting etc) and what impact has this had on 99 per cent of the drivers who constantly do this?

No consistency with planning rulings

11:29am Thursday 5th September 2013

I READ (Gazette, August 16) that Little Thurrock had been successful in having rejected plans to build housing on land that is better used for parking for the local shops to attract customers. Well done them.

Pride the problem with park litter

11:28am Thursday 5th September 2013

I REFER to the piece by Cllr Shane Hebb last week regarding the shameful state of the parks in the Thurrock area.

Animal hospital was magic

11:27am Thursday 5th September 2013

I AM writing to convey my thanks to South Essex Wildlife Hospital and the residents of Badger’s Dene, who on bank holiday Monday assisted and offered help to a fox in distress.

Our flying club is threatened by football club plans

11:56am Thursday 29th August 2013

YOUR article in (Gazette, August 2) regarding Aveley Football Club’s proposed relocation to Belhus Park omitted to say a recognised sporting activity already takes place on the exchange land concerned, namely the flying of radio-controlled model aircraft.

Dust from roadworks is a nightmare

11:56am Thursday 29th August 2013

AFTER reading comments by Jill Kirby (Our headache, Gazette Opinion, August 16) it left me feeling I had to put pen to paper.

Pedestrians struggling with roadworks too

11:55am Thursday 29th August 2013

CAR drivers are moaning about the inconvenience to them from the closure of the Sorrells (off the Manorway) in Stanford-le-Hope.

Civil servants are part of the process

11:54am Thursday 29th August 2013

I AM amused by the faux indignation exhibited by Polly Billington regarding her outrage that her letter to a Government Minister was answered by a “faceless civil servant”.

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