A THRILLING Stock Car finale resulted in victory for Don West as the Arena Essex Raceway served up another classic encounter.

Georgie Boult Jnr, a man with plenty of Stock Car experience, stepped into the domestic 2.0L Stock Car class on Sunday, and very nearly won after a sensational race.

In a hard-hitting affair Alfie Jones moved into the lead after battling through the pack, before Boult tracked him down and sent him spinning, causing chaos among the following back-markers.

But Boult’s throttle cable popped off when he hit Jones, meaning he could only coast towards the flag.

In the confusion it was West who managed to find the gaps through the wayward machinery to get across the line first, with double heat winner Billy King second and Nick Glover third.

Boult salvaged fifth, with Jones a lowly 10th.

In the Micro National Banger World Series, Jones took on Gary Lee and struggled to make an impact in that event as well, taking a heavy and dubious T-Bone into the barriers, a move usually frowned on in Banger racing.

His rival Bradley Lee won the final and the allcomers race. Other winners were Aaron Harris and David Dawes.

Rayleigh’s Kevin Harland raised eyebrows with his choice of a Suzuki Wagon for the meeting, surviving four laps before he was sent into the barriers by Tony Hutton.

The weight of numbers told in the Destruction Derby with TMT team mates Ricky and Tony Hutton and Bill Crittenden fighting it out, with the former taking the victory.

Corringham’s Danny Wade won the Stock Rod final by a country mile, ahead of the perennially unlucky Carl Shackleford and Track Champion David Crouch.

The girls led the way in the Junior Mini Stox with Gemma Robins winning the final ahead of Abbie McGuiness, with Aaron Totham third.

The next action at Arena Essex is on Monday, May 29, beginning at 1pm.