VORTEX Lakeside Hammers racked up a convincing 56-38 victory over the Swindon Robins at the Arena Essex Raceway on Friday.

It was a night which saw Hammers reserve Ben Morley becoming the first Fast Track-scheme reserve of the new era to score a paid maximum.

The Raceway crowd witnessed a solid team performance from the Hammers - nd a painful crash for Adam Ellis.

Captain Davey Watt lead the way with 10 paid 11 points, backed by the evergreen Peter Karlsson along with Mikkel Bech and Lewis Bridger, who took on visiting number one rider Peter Kildemand.

Hammers co-promoter Jon Cook said: “All seven riders were on form and Ben’s performance was very special. “He is a cult hero at the Raceway and his second ride battle with Dakota North was a real highlight.”