THE MAIN Lake at Stanford’s The Warren is producing carp to 32lb, bream to 6lb, tench to 7lb and perch to 3.5 lb.

The best carp to come out last week was a 32lb mirror caught by Carl Holroyd.

He was fishing in the logs area.

Local anglers have noticed that the bream shoals are still moving around – but have most recently been favouring the pier area and the north bank.

The best way of catching them is by using maggots with a ground-bait feeder.

Warren’s square lake has produced carp to 19.5lb and bream to 5lb.

But there have also been catches of roach, perch and the odd tench to 5lb.

The match lake at Stanford is is producing tench to 6.5lb, bream up to 6lb and plenty of roach.

But lucky anglers have also been taking the odd rudd and perch. And John Covill had 10 tench between 3lb and 5.5lb in a single afternoon session.

Small cubes of luncheon meat was the successful bait.

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