SEA ANGLING: Thamesmead & Erith: There are lots of flounders to be had at Morrison’s Jetty.

Dagenham Market: Fishing is possible again after the floods with good bags of flounders and a few decent eels.

Gravesend: Graham, from Dolphin Angling, reports, flounders and under-sized codling and whiting.

Greenhithe: Flounders only.

Grays Wharf: Flounders and codling. The codling are mostly under-sized but there are lots of them.

Grays Yacht Club: Under-sized whiting and flounders.

Grays East Beach: Whiting only.

Southend Pier: Flounders inside and herring and whiting at the head.

Southend Beaches: Pinhead, whiting and the occassional flounder.

Barge Pier: Herrings and whiting can be had after dark.