BOXING: BOROUGH fighters proved they have international class recently at one of Europe’s most prestigious boxing tournaments. Chadwell St Mary ABC pugilists were in Sweden for the Angered Box Cup Tournament which was held in Gothenberg earlier this month.

A 14-strong team from Chadwell entered.

The 10 Chadwell Elite fighters were: Jack Healy, 21(69kg), Kieran Redding, 20 (60kg), Valerian Spicer, 33, (57kg), Hollie Martin-Wood, 19, (54kg), Lance Toussaint, 20, (64kg), Ben Davey, 19, (56kg), Shea Nightingill, 16, (52kg), Levi Lee, 13, (54kg), Jay Healy, 12, (45kg) and Jake Healy, 12, (42kg).

Joining the team on their trip to Sweden were four elite guest boxers from neighbouring clubs: Hazel Gale (69kg) from Gator ABC London and three boxers from Hornchurch and Elm Park: Maria Markowska (52kg), Krystian Papis (45kg) and Sonny Ali (39kg).

The Chadwell fighters put on a great showing, delighting club chairperson Sindy Overy and coaches Scot Johnston and Nina Smith - who came close to being picked for Great Britain in this summer’s Olympics. The fighters returned to England with a total haul of five gold medals and four silvers.

Securing gold medals for Team CSM were Shea Nightingill - who boxed in the final against Remi Sado of Redbergslids BK (Sweden). Other gold aces were Levi Lee who defeated Ivar Kristinsson Esir (Iceland) and Jay Healy who beat Denmark’s Jonathan Godsk.

Guest fighters Sonny Ali (Hornchurch) and Krystian Papis (Hornchurch) also secured gold medals.

The silver medals went to Ben Davey who gave a winning performance aginst Ismal Adain from Sweden’s BK Kelly.

The judges gave the decision to the home boxer by a majority. Jack Healy, produced a super win over Gbese Bright from Oskarshamms BK (Sweden) by a unanimous decision had to be pulled from the final.

Chadwell coach Scot Johnston realised that his fighter had picked up a shoulder injury in the semi-final bout. And Jack had to retire from the competion as silver medalist instead of competing for gold which looked to be well within his reach. Guest boxers Hazel Gale and Maria Markowska also secured silver medals both in very close bouts.

Unfortunately for Chadwell boxers Kieran Redding and Jake Healy they both were very unlucky in the draws.

Healy came against Sweden’s champion Felix Flodin in the quarter finals. And there were no boxers in the Elite class A 60kg catorgory and Redding had to box in the 64kg competition and gave away a stone in weight to European Champion Emil Pettersson from Sweden.

Chadwell women Valerian Spicer and Hollie Martin-Wood were both unlucky in the competition.

They both lost their very close bouts, Spicer to Dervla Duffy of Ireland and Martin-Wood to Christine Tollofsen of Norway. Both girls gave breathtaking performances and had the crowds on their feet.

Bout of the tournament went to Lance Toissaint as he secured his way into the semi finals with a win against Sweden’s Worawit Pharakhan.

And he went on to fight Bahaeldn Masadi from Denmark. The Chadwell fighter lost his place in the final by a split decision.

Shea Nightingill went on to win recognition for the best Junior Boxer in the whole competition – something he and mates at the club will not forget in a hurry.

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