Litterbugs who continue to dump rubbish across the borough are facing tougher enforcement action as the council continues its campaign to clean up Thurrock.

As part of Thurrock Council’s Clean it, Cut it, Fill it initiative, enforcement officers have handed out £1,600 worth of Fixed Penatly Notices (FPN) to residents who have flouted the law.

One perpetrator dumped building waste in a private alleyway behind Oak Road, Grays – which was transferred to Grove Road over time. Letters found allowed officers to identify the perpetrators and issue a fine.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Rob Gledhill, said: “For months the private alleyway near Oak Road was dumped on and this was slowly being moved toward the highway.

“Once it reached Grove Road and I reported it to officers, they were able to identify those responsible and take enforcement action.

“Fly-tipping anywhere is not acceptable but when you are doing it in the heart of your own community it shows a lack of regard for your neighbours as well as cost to public purse.”

Another case saw used car parts and oil dumped in a car park near Dock Road, Tilbury.

Letters found in a fly-tip of household waste in Bridge Road, Grays, led council officers to the door of the perpetrators – who were issued with a £400 fine.

Rubbish from a house clearance was found in a communal storage area at Vicarage Square, Grays.

A £400 fine was issued to the householder – who admitted paying two unidentified and unlicensed traders to take their rubbish.

Councillor for Environment, Aaron Watkins, said: “Our tougher approach is cracking down on those who spoil our borough.

“I want to thank the officers for their continued persistence in finding evidence so we can take robust action against perpetrators.

“I hope residents learn from these cases.

“If someone says they’ll take away your rubbish and the price seems too good to be true – it will be as you’ll face a £400 fine if you don’t check they’re legitimate.”

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