AN 11 year old with a complex medical condition has been given a specialist bed to help him get the sleep he needs.

Lucas Spicer, from South Ockendon has a rare condition that affects his development and mobility. This, combined with epilepsy and scoliosis, means it is vital that he is posturally supported at all times to help prevent further health issues.

The youngster is getting a specialist hospital-style bed that is vital in managing his complex condition – thanks to the support of the River Island fashion store chain for Newlife the Charity for Disabled Children.

The bed keeps his head raised at an angle to help reduce reflux and the risk of choking. He also uses a specialist sleep system, which is a set of soft wedges and pads that keep his body straight.

Lucas’s mum Laura O’Callaghan said: “Keeping him in line helps reduce the reflux and stops his body from twisting over to the left. Lucas has always had a tendency to bend to the left, but he hasn’t got the body control to straighten up. So the sleep system is vital to his future health and mobility.”