THURROCK’S Euro MP Tim Aker has welcomed a report by Cambridge economist which plays down the benefits of mass immigration.

Professor Robert Rowthorn writes in the report, published by the Civitas think tank, that the potential economic gains from immigration are modest compared with the strains placed on amenities such as housing, land, schools, hospitals, water supply and transport systems.

Mr Aker, who became an MEP in May and is standing against Jackie Doyle-Price in next year’s general election, said the report showed Britain needed a more controlled system of immigration.

He said: "This report exposes how mass immigration is bad for our country. With no quality or quantity control, services are under massive strain and the economic prospects of many British people are damaged, with living standards taking a knock from this foolish open-door approach.

"It is clear that Britain must have a sensible, controlled, migration policy in order to best protect the interests of those living here.

“To stop mass immigration, of course, we must leave the EU."

Robert Rowthorn is Emeritus Professor of Economics at the University of Cambridge and Fellow of King's College.

His full report may be read here: