A SCHOOL that was told it needs to improve during Ofsted's blitz of the borough earlier this year is moving in the right direction.

Somer's Heath Primary School in Foyle Drive, South Ockendon, was one of a handful of schools the education watchdog visted in February as it sought to "diagnose the problems" with education in Thurrock after the area was found to be in the bottom three nationally for the number of good or outstanding primaries last November.

But three months after that visit, inspectors returned to the school and are pleased with the progress being made.

John Daniell, who visited the school in May, said that action was being taken to tackle areas of concern.

He reported that head teacher Kevin Imbush had:

*drawn up an action plan setting out the school's key priorities and has an ambitious timescale within which to improve the quality of teaching and accelerate pupils' progress.

*worked well with teachers to raise awareness about the importance of accelerating individual pupil's progress and how this is linked to raising levels of attainment.

*formed a more accurate profile of the impact of teaching in the school.

Mr Daniell's letter to the head praised the school's leadership and Thurrock Council for the role it was playing.

John Kent, council leader and portfolio holder for education said: "February's Ofsted outcome was a disappointment and it would be impossible for the school to get a "good" rating so quickly. However the inspector obviously saw much to praise including the council's support for the school.

"It seems the whole school - pupils parents, governors and teachers at all levels - have rallied round and are determined to get Ofsted to recognise the improvements as soon as possible."