A RESIDENT whose doorstep was damaged by a car smashing into his house has called on the council to improve road safety on his street - after reporting nine crashes in the last seven years.

Tony Titterrell, 59, of was jolted by a grey Suzuki Ignes crashing into his front doorstep after ploughing through two metal fences and a thick bush following a collision on the crossroads of Alwen Grove, Annalee Gardens and Annalee Road, South Ockendon.

The Ignes, driven by a man described as being in his 80s with a passenger of a similar age, had collided with a grey Ford Focus driven by a woman carrying her partner and two children at about 4pm on May 28, with police, paramedics and fire crews from Orsett and Grays attending.

Two people in the Focus were taken to Basildon Hospital with whiplash.

The Ignes is understood to have been travelling along Annalee Gardens towards intersecting Annalee Road before colliding with the Focus, which was travelling along Annalee Road, sending it careering into Mr Titterell's home on Alwen Grove.

Metal fencing at the end of each street in the crossing is littered with dents from traffic collisions, which Mr Titterrell said were becoming all too common.

He said: "I've lived here seven years and I've seen about nine accidents on this corner.

"There are no speed bumps, no traffic signs, and I see people coming down here at 70 miles per hour sometimes - something needs to be done.

"I've got three grandchildren and they sometimes play in the front garden - if they had been there when this happened we could have had a very serious problem."

The council was approached for comment but referred to a statement from Essex Fire and Rescue Service.

The fire spokesman said: "Essex County Fire and Rescue Service does not regard this as an accident black spot from our records of incidents attended."