I’M a Celebrity contestant David Van Day, from South Ockendon, is back on TV on Monday, co-presenting a reality show about surrogate gay dads.

The Parent Makers features the former Dollar singer and his wife Sue Moxley and gay couple Barrie and Tony Drewitt- Barlow, from Danbury, near Chelmsford.

It follows the lives of the Drewitt- Barlows, the first gay couple to have surrogate children. They now have five children and help others to do so by running the British Surrogacy Centre.

Van Day, 57, said the programme followed the dads’ lives, but would also seriously explore issues around surrogacy.

He said: “It’s about surrogacy and the people who have babies through the method – childless heterosexual couples, gay or lesbian couples or single people.

We interview people in those situations.”

The show can be seen on Sky channel 192 on May 26 at 9pm.