FAMILES have told how they are living in third world conditions SIX WEEKS after an arson attack in Little Thurrock.

Homes are still without water, gas and electricity on Martello Close, with one resident telling the Gazette her family are going to the toilet in a pot - which they are having to dispose of it.

Now residents are turning on property managers Griffin accusing them of not acting quick enough to resolve the problems.

Residents on the estate had to be evacuated from their homes in the early hours of March 7 after a car in an underground car park was targeted in the attack. The fire badly damaged at least two vehicles and ruined vital gas and electrical equipment.

Some have been lucky enough to stay with friends or family, or find hotel accommodation. Others though have had to live with the problems and fear it could be at least another three months until their lives return to normal.

One resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “I’ve been to the Griffin office a couple of times to get in to some short term accommodation but they said they don’t have any. They haven’t been helpful at all.

“The whole experience is mentally and physically draining. We’re all arguing and fighting each other for the water and using a pot to go to the toilet. It’s just been an absolute nightmare.”

Another resident is living in his house whilst his family, including two young children, live elsewhere.

He said: “We hear that the original builders have to send down their contractors now work has stopped. I really don’t know what’s going on anymore. We could be out for a long time.

“Griffin couldn’t run a bath. They’ve been no good at all.”

Griffin’s managing director Alan Webb said: “Due to the level of damage caused in the recent incident a timescale for completion of the works is still being assessed. Griffin has been in touch with all the residents and is providing updates when available.”

Police have said enquiries are still ongoing in connection with the attack.