A NEW multi-million pound road linking Corringham to Canvey could soon become reality - after the Government pledged £750,000 towards the project.

Councillors on Canvey are very keen and have this week lobbied Transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin about pushing ahead with the plan as soon as possible.

The cash will pay for a study into whether or not the road, linking Northwick Road, Canvey with the Manorway in Corringham and Stanford-le-Hope, could work.

However John Kent, the leader of Thurrock Council, has other ideas.

He said: “This council does not support this road. We believe it would lead to even more congestion on Thurrock’s roads.

“We have made our views known as Castle Point Council puts together its plans for the future development of their borough and we will continue to make our views and our opposition known.”

Stanford-le-Hope resident, Teresa Clark, who lives just off the Manorway said the new road, coupled with London Gateway, the superport, would make the roads worse. She said: “If you chose to live on Canvey you knew about the bad road situation! I live beside the Manorway and have been disturbed by the Port, I do NOT want more traffic, thank you very much!”

Resident Doreen Mann added: “I think it would be a disaster for this area. We haven’t felt the full impact of the port yet. Certainly do not need more traffic.”

On Monday, Mr McLoughlin confirmed to Canvey councillor Ray Howard and Castle Point Council leader Pam Challis that the £750,000 study will be carried out to assess whether the new North Thameside Link Road is a viable option.

Mr Howard said: “The Secretary of State felt it was a worthy project to look into and feasibility will be undertaken.

“The fact that our request for a study was not rejected is good news. It’s just another step in the right direction.”

Initial cost estimates for the new road, conducted in 2008, suggested the building work could be anywhere between £45million and £70million.

A new viaduct would have to be built over Holehaven Creek, however the figure could now be higher.

The new road would be funded by private investors and could be tolled.

Mr Kent added: “All councils in south Essex have recognised that widening the A13 is the most important road project in this area and we are supporting the need for government investment there.”

However other Stanford-le-Hope residents think it could help.

Samantha Taylor said: “I think this is a good idea to be honest. I often have had to drive to Canvey from Stanford, due to my son’s dad and nan living on the island. I live right on the Manorway. I’ve been saying for years they should extend the road.”