TWO students have been praised and rewarded for their care of a woman in her eighties who had a nasty fall in Grays.

Melissa Bradbury and Arlia Stitt, both 16, helped the woman, who tripped over a kerb at the junction of Orsett Road and Bradleigh Avenue and suffered significant facial injuries.

They saw her bleeding, rushed to her aid, cleaned her up and waited until an ambulance came.

The pair have now been presented with a student success award by Palmer’s College.

Melissa said: “We just wanted to keep her in high spirits and laughing.

“She was really shocked. There wasn’t any way we were going to leave her on her own.

“You’d like to think others would do something similar if it happened to you, but there were lots of people who just walked past and didn’t give her a second look.”

Arlia added: “We didn’t do it for any recognition, but it’s nice to know that when you do something good it’s appreciated.

“My mum didn’t even know until I came home with the certificate and told her, and she was like ‘why didn’t you tell me?’”

The girls were assisted by offduty nurse Jenny Clancy, who witnessed the incident.

She was full of praise for the students and their actions, adding: “The girls were very calm and didn’t want to leave until they knew the lady was OK. They were so lovely and caring.”

College principal Mark Vinall expressed his pride at their actions. He said: “The girls are a credit to themselves, their families and the college.

“As principal, it’s a great pleasure to hear them commended, in person, byamember of the local community.”

The girls have since been told that the woman is back on her feet and well again.

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