AN Australian folk-punk singer will perform a show brimming with energy and flare at the Traitors Gate pub on Saturday.

Influenced by English and American rock and Irish folk music, Benny Mayhem is playing at the Grays pub as part of a tour of Europe.

His music is said to resonate most strongly with rock‘n’roll fans, with its fast tempo, energetic style and catchy riffs.

Talking about the show and his tour, Benny said: “I feel a kindred spirit with Irish and colonial Australian folk.

“My music steers away from the introspection of contemporary singer-songwriters and is more aimed at getting people on their feet singing.”

With his deep spiritual attachment to, and respect for, the land, he is sure to bring something a bit different to Thurrock as he plays songs from his soon-to-be-released album Still Broke and Not Quite Sane.

Benny is at the Traitors Gate, in Broadway, on Saturday. Entry is free and the fun starts at 8pm.