SPEED cameras in Thurrock will be switched back on.

The council has agreed to rejoin the Essex Safety Camera Working Group, which will see cameras back on four years after they were turned off.

Chief Inspector Ben Hodder insisted they were not a “cash cow” and said the move would enable the borough to gain extra funding and resources, such as road safety experts.

He said: “This isn’t about generating revenue. If we wanted to do that, we would simply put officers with speed guns on one of the bridges on the A13 – we’d catch lots of people.

"I think rejoining the group is really good. It could lead to roads becoming much safer and improve driving standards.”

Mr Hodder added cash raised from fines went straight back into road safety schemes, such as speed awareness courses.

He also said rejoining could help tackle the cruising problem.

“We can say to the group ‘we’ve got this issue with cruisers, what can you do?’ and they might say they can provide extra funding or support, ” he said.