GRANDMOTHER Lynn Lazenby, 48, has lived in East Tilbury for ten years with her husband and two youngest children, Lily and Stanley, who go to East Tilbury Junior and Infant schools. She runs Poochi Poochi, in Princess Margaret Road, and has been grooming dogs for 20 years.

Q) What do you love about Thurrock and what is it that’s kept you here?

A) I love the community spirit. In East Tilbury, everyone tends to look out for each other and is hugely proud of the area. It has its own Facebook page, Your East Tilbury, which really proves the community spirit is thriving here.

Q) How do you see the future in Thurrock?

A) I’m looking forward to seeing the improvements the Thames crossing will make, especially to the job prospects, and I’m equally looking forward to the changes that’ll be made to improve the highways to accommodate the increased traffic.

Q) How do you think other parts of Essex see Thurrock?

A) I think people see Thurrock as a new, evolving area – probably more than any other part of Essex. That, and Lakeside!

Q) If you could change one thing about the borough, what would it be?

A) We need more opportunities for our children, such as clubs and workshops. Local businesses could get involved with training courses for school leavers in their area. There are lots of improvements that could be made to give our young people a better start, and the community are the best people to do it.

Q) What advice would you give to people wanting to set up their own business in the borough?

A) Find out what you enjoy doing and get good at it, then get better! I regularly attend dog grooming seminars and workshops to learn new skills and improve the ones I already have. Be prepared to work hard and not expect too much in the beginning.

Q) What’s the best bit about working in the borough?

A) I’ve had loads of advice from Thurrock Enterprise Agency. Without it I probably wouldn’t have started my own business. The community and my family and friends have been really supportive. Other local businesses are happy to share their experiences and offer advice.

Q) What involvement with the community does the business have?

A) I regularly offer free grooming vouchers to local charity raffles and I also donate to quiz nights. I’m planning to do a charity dog show some time in the summer.

Q) What role do you think the Gazette plays in the community?

A) If you want to find a local business, you pick up the Gazette. It’s a great communication and advertising tool for businesses and local people alike.

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