WORRIED residents fear someone will be seriously hurt in their road if a series of traffic measures aren’t introduced.

Home owners want Tyne Gardens, Aveley, to become a one-way street and they want a huge mirror installed at the blind junction at Monnow Road.

Anne Norfolk, 55, who has lived on the road for 15 years, said: “It’s just a matter of time until an accident happens. You have to go out three or four yards to see around the left hand side.

“We understand it’s an inconvenience for the council to keep paying out when they’re being abused.”

Residents would also like to see a car park for about 15 cars built on grass land in the road.

Alex Rousou, 24, said: “It’s a nice idea having a bit of green outside but its forcing people to park elsewhere. If you do get a space in the road it’s often outside somebody else’s home, and then that causes tension with your neighbour.”

Another resident, Sharon McGovern, 53, said: “When there are cars left on the side of the road it’s dangerous for the kids.

“There have been plenty of near misses. I’ve pulled out a couple of times and been very close.”

A council spokesman said traffic sign regulations forbid the council from installing mirrors, but it is looking at whether the vegetation needs cutting back.

The spokesman added the council was looking into making the road a one-way street.