A NATIONWIDE challenge aimed at getting more adults into reading is coming to Thurrock.

Thurrock Council has teamed up with charity The Reading Agency and author Martina Cole to launch the Six Book Challenge.

The challenge lets those taking part pick six reads of their choice, including poems and magazines, and complete a reading diary to receive incentives along the way.

It’s hoped it will encourage less confident readers to develop a new reading habit and improve their skills at the same time.

Cole, a bestselling crime novelist, is the ambassador of the challenge. She said: "The wonderful thing about the Six Book Challenge is that people who don't normally read, or who think that reading isn't their bag, are encouraged to pick up a book.

“When you read a book you have to picture it all in your own mind. No one tells you what you're seeing or what you should be feeling. That's the secret of reading – it's such a personal thing."

Those interested can join up for free by visiting their local library.