JACK is happy to admit he hasn’t been an angel in his life, but said he has never been convicted of any violent offences.

The scaffolder, 39, also told how the couple now want a full inquiry to explain why they were left without their daughter for nine months.

In a candid interview with the Gazette he openly admits he has a criminal record and has served time for arson and handling stolen goods, when he was much younger.

And he has been convicted of cultivating cannabis. However, he pointed out everyone has a past and these were firmly in his.

He said: “I’ve had run-ins with the law before, and they were all a long time ago.

“I haven’t got any convictions for violence. I would never hurt Cheryl or Misty.”

He said being accused of being a terrorist was just “ridiculous”.

He added: “I’m not perfect, but that was unbelievable. I think the council were looking for a reaction from me.

“I know how the legal system works and so I told Cheryl that we need to write everything down and keep all our evidence.”

He added: “The council hasn’t apologised to us. Now we want a full inquiry to place.”