A HILARIOUS video featuring teachers at a Stanford-Le-Hope secondary school has attracted nearly 9000 views in less than a week.

The YouTube video, below, features more than 30 members of staff from St Clere’s singing and dancing along to Journey's Don’t Stop Believing.

Donning wigs and using whisks as pretend microphones, the aim of the video was to show pupils at the school that teachers, office staff and caretakers are human, too, and have a good sense of humour.

Staff have been left surprised at how popular the video, which was shot just before christmas, has become.

Head teacher Ashley Hughes said: "The staff found the video extremely funny and wanted to share this with pupils.

"It is good for pupils to see that staff are really human and also, teachers here really don't stop believing in our pupils. Our message to them is don’t stop believing in themselves."

The video has attracted a number of comments from YouTube users. Nicks2002 said: "Countless memories shattered of serious and un-fun teachers!"

While WelshCob101 said: "Only St Clere’s teachers could pull this off!"