AVELEY Primary School “requires improvement” according to its latest Ofsted inspection in October.

The school is one of the first in the borough to be inspected under tough new guidelines by the government’s schools watchdog.

Inspectors have said that the school requires improvement in achievement of its pupils, quality of teaching and leadership and management.

It was found to be “good” in areas of behaviour and pupil safety.

The report claims that while the school is improving, it is not good because “the standard of pupils’ work is below average”, “teachers miss opportunities to question pupils in a way that results in an improvement in learning”.

It adds: “The governing body and the school’s leaders are not rigorous enough in holding teachers to account for the progress which individual pupils or groups of pupils make in their classes.”

The report does point out, though, that pupils have a positive relationship with teachers and that “less-able” pupils do well. The report also states that pupils do not feel there is any bullying at the school, despite having a good idea of what it is.

Under a new Ofsted framework, “requires improvement” is the third worst rating, with “inadequate”, a grading would mean a school is regulalrly monitored is the worst.

Responding to the report, the school’s headteacher Nicola Shadbolt said: “Together with the Governing Body, we acknowledge the decision of the new and more rigorous Ofsted inspection regime.

“We are committed to working very hard to implement the improvements recommended and want the school to make even more progress in the future.

“We take heart that many of the school’s strengths were also highlighted. Our pupils continue to improve and progress in mathematics and English, their behaviour is good and the children feel safe at school.”