Jackie DP Conservative Jackie Doyle-Price became Thurrock MP in May 2010, defeating Labour rival Carl Morris by 92 votes.

What the by-election result told us

12:18pm Thursday 24th October 2013

IT HAS often been said that if you vote UKIP you get Labour. The truth of that statement is quite evident in the result of the Stifford Clays by-election last week.

I support superport over Unite stance

3:00pm Thursday 10th October 2013

I RECENTLY visited the new London Gateway superport to meet with the elected members of its employee forum.

My strong voice is getting results

11:35am Wednesday 25th September 2013

AFTER the recent security alert which saw the closure of the Dartford crossing, anyone who says there is no need for further crossings is either living in cloud cuckoo land or never has to drive around Thurrock.

Too little has been done too late

1:19pm Wednesday 11th September 2013

APPARENTLY this week is Maritime London week. Yes news to me too, which is surprising given the Port of London has moved east to Thurrock!

The cost of renewable energy

11:51am Thursday 29th August 2013

PROTECTING our planet is very important, but the focus on climate change must be done in a way that is economically sustainable. I do not believe we currently have the balance right here in the UK.

Don't leave politics to others

3:53pm Thursday 15th August 2013

I HAVE just returned from my holidays. This year I visited Romania. Bucharest is a fascinating place to visit.

Bins failings are not acceptable

12:15pm Wednesday 31st July 2013

FOR many residents, the only service they feel they get from the council for paying their council tax is getting their bins emptied once a week. When that goes wrong, they feel justifiably aggrieved and expect someone to be held to account.

Our welfare changes are fair

12:03pm Wednesday 3rd July 2013

THE Government continues to fix the welfare system so it’s fair both for the people who need its support and the hard-working people who pay for it.

Initiative pays, not relying on help

4:32pm Wednesday 19th June 2013

LAST week my father reached the age of 65 and can now look forward to retirement.

Crossing options miss the wider issue

12:15pm Wednesday 5th June 2013

AS reported in the Gazette, the Government is now consulting on three options for a new Lower Thames Crossing. As predicted, all three options under consideration will run through Thurrock.

Our referendum pledge and my reasoning

11:25am Wednesday 22nd May 2013

I WANT to make it perfectly clear – the Conservative Party will hold a referendum on Europe during the next Parliament if we achieve a majority at the next general election.

What we need to do to win back voters' faith

1:48pm Wednesday 8th May 2013

SO the electorate has spoken and given the main political parties a big raspberry. I can understand why. Politicians of all colours are perceived as arrogant and out of touch.

Holding the hospital to account

1:14pm Wednesday 24th April 2013

AS the performance of Basildon Hospital comes under scrutiny following the review at Mid Staffordshire, the media is full of stories where the performance of the Trust has been less than it should be.

Thatcher fought for her beliefs

10:55am Wednesday 10th April 2013

MARGARET Thatcher was one of the towering figures of the 20th century. She saved our country by liberating it from union militancy and state control. She ended the Cold War and the threat of nuclear conflict. Her impact on British politics and society has been transformational.

Budget was one for the workers

3:36pm Wednesday 27th March 2013

LAST week’s Budget rewards those who aspire to work hard and get on.

Leadership needed to save town

11:23am Wednesday 13th March 2013

THE future of central Grays has long been a feature of my postbag. It is now high time that we put the future of Grays higher up the agenda and put some real effort into making the town the best it can be.

I'll fight until things improve at hospital

12:42pm Wednesday 27th February 2013

IT IS no secret that Basildon Hospital has had a troublesome recent history.

Councils are taking advantage of austerity

10:53am Wednesday 13th February 2013

MANY public servants have risen to the challenge of our financially straightened circumstances and are making real efforts to achieve better value for money and maintain good service delivery.

Cameron's EU referendum call is the right one

1:07pm Wednesday 30th January 2013

I HAVE said before that Europe has too many powers and it is time the UK used its clout and the opportunity afforded by the Euro crisis to get powers back.

Our defecit plan makes sense

12:13pm Wednesday 16th January 2013

REMEMBER Jim Bowen on game show Bullseye, who when contestants failed to win Bully’s star prize were treated to the line ‘let’s look at what you could have won’? Well it is a bit like that in the House of Commons when David Miliband gets up to speak.

We must take the lead in helping women

12:33pm Wednesday 2nd January 2013

THE news that a young Indian woman has lost her life after a brutal gang rape in New Delhi is a stark reminder that many women around the world do not enjoy the same freedoms and liberties as we do in this country.

My wishlist for a successful New Year

1:50pm Wednesday 19th December 2012

READERS, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. So, what would I like for Christmas?

My call for action over the tax evaders

12:14pm Wednesday 5th December 2012

MY work on the public accounts committee of the House of Commons is without doubt the most influential contribution I make as a Member of Parliament.

My optimism over patients' future

4:55pm Wednesday 21st November 2012

THIS week has seen the publication of another damning report on Basildon Hospital following two serious incidents involving children.

Something for nothing culture must be ended

12:51pm Tuesday 6th November 2012

MY reason for getting involved in politics was to make sure those people who work hard should reap the rewards of that work. They should keep more of what they earn and work should always pay.

I'm not happy with union of councils

12:25pm Wednesday 24th October 2012

IS Thurrock in London or Essex? A silly question you may think, but given the strengthening of Thurrock Council’s management arrangements with the authority in Barking and Dagenham, I think it is time to have a proper debate about the future of Thurrock. I

Training and apprenticeships are the key to our success

12:37pm Wednesday 10th October 2012

IT WAS with some pride that I visited the new National Skills Academy for creative and cultural skills in Purfleet.

Golden Opportunity to show jobs situation is not all bad

10:39am Wednesday 26th September 2012

NEXT week sees the first Opportunity Thurrock jobs fair. The brainchild of South Essex College and the heads of our secondary schools, it intends to showcase the many job opportunities in Thurrock.

Linking up schemes will benefit them all

11:09am Wednesday 12th September 2012

LAST weekend I had the chance to visit Tilbury Riverside railway station, the subject of a bid for Heritage Lottery funding to turn the excellent Grade II building into a visitor attraction.

Proper debate needed on European issue

11:38am Wednesday 29th August 2012

JUST before Parliament broke up for the summer, Foreigh Secretary William Hague came to the House to announce a review of the powers of the European Union.

The Olympics were a triumph

12:27pm Wednesday 15th August 2012

SO the naysayers have been proved wrong. The Olympics have been an astonishing success, showcasing Britain to the world. Our athletes’ performance outclassed all expectations.

State Cinema needs a new vision

12:42pm Wednesday 1st August 2012

It is a widely held view that Grays town centre is in need of some love and I therefore welcome Thurrock Council’s interest in restoring the State Cinema.

Giving power to the people

12:01pm Wednesday 18th July 2012

CONGRATULATIONS to all involved in putting on a fantastic event to celebrate the centenary of Tilbury town.

Supporting our Armed Forces heroes

11:16am Wednesday 4th July 2012

THIS weekend saw people up and down the country show their support for our servicemen and women on Armed Forces Day. Congratulations to all at in the Purfleet Heritage Centre on an excellent event.

Inspirational women are making a difference

1:25pm Wednesday 20th June 2012

TODAY'S column is dedicated to a special lady – Deirdre Lodge. Damp and mould in housing is a health hazard and a major cause of asthma, especially in children. Deirdre came to see me late last year as she wished to raise awareness of the health consequences.

Proud to be British, but our work must continue

10:42am Wednesday 6th June 2012

THE eyes of the entire world were on Britain this week as we celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

Right To Buy is in my blood

3:12pm Wednesday 23rd May 2012

THE introduction of the Right to Buy for council tenants was the underpinning of a revolution which enabled property ownership to become a reality rather than a dream for more than two million council tenants all over the country.

Politicians must do better - for the sake of democracy

11:37am Wednesday 9th May 2012

ANOTHER election over. No doubt Labour will be pleased they have finally taken Thurrock Council outright for the first time since 2004 and the Conservatives can take comfort that their losses were less than might have been anticipated.

Help me to get a new free school

12:09pm Wednesday 25th April 2012

MY POSTBAG this week has been dominated by disappointed parents who have failed to get their child into the school of their choice. Often, siblings are being sent to different schools some distance apart.

You could be due PPI cash

10:28am Wednesday 11th April 2012

THE mis-selling of Payment Protection insurance (PPI) was the biggest scandal perpetrated by the banks on us ordinary consumers.

Our health changes will make a difference

11:21am Wednesday 28th March 2012

FINALLY, the Health and Social Care Bill has become law. There has been a lot of heat spoken about the NHS reforms, so now the measure has passed I want to reassure you by addressing some of the key points.

Championing Bosnia's re-emergence

11:39am Wednesday 14th March 2012

LAST week I went to Bosnia-Herzegovina with parliamentarians from across Europe. It is 17 years since the Bosnian Serbs slaughtered 8,000 men and boys at Srebrenica – an appalling act of genocide committed while the world looked on.

Police show the true spirit of public service

11:02am Wednesday 29th February 2012

I HAD the pleasure of spending the evening with the police on the night shift in Grays recently.

Not all our problems are bankers' fault

10:42am Wednesday 15th February 2012

At the risk of making myself very unpopular by siding with a banker, I would like to share with you my irritation that Stephen Hester has been bullied out of accepting his bonus by politicians.

Coryton situation is not all doom and gloom

10:38am Wednesday 1st February 2012

Last week the local news was dominated by events at Coryton refinery. I am sure we are all hopeful that a long-term solution can be found to a problem which has nothing to do with the business of the refinery and everything to do with continued turbulence in the financial markets.

Iron Lady was my inspiration

11:02am Thursday 19th January 2012

THIS weekend I saw the film The Iron Lady. I make no apologies for my profound admiration of Margaret Thatcher.

Looking ahead to a positive 2012

10:17am Wednesday 4th January 2012

HAPPY New Year! As we enter 2012 it is an occasion to reflect on the year departing and to look forward to events this year.

EU veto was for the best

10:56am Wednesday 21st December 2011

I WAS fortunate to be welcomed by David Cameron to Chequers last week following the European Union summit where he became the first British Prime Minister to use the veto when faced with a new European Treaty which did not do enough to safeguard UK interests.

Getting a grip on immigration irregularities

12:02pm Wednesday 23rd November 2011

LAST week I visited Kosovo as part of a parliamentary delegation.

We've got it wrong on metering

11:25am Wednesday 9th November 2011

AS A member of the Public Accounts Committee in Parliament, it is my job to scrutinise the detail of Government spending and assess whether it is offering value for money. There has been a lot of interest in rising energy bills and last week we looked at the plan to install smart meters in all households by 2019. The proposition is that every household is fitted with a meter for both gas and electricity, so households can reduce their energy consumption. The cost of the installation will be borne by customers. The cost of fitting the meters is £240 and they will reduce energy consumption by £23 per household a year.

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