Basildon Enterprise Corridor includes highway capacity improvements along Cranes Farm Road, Eastmayne and will improve traffic flow at the exits from the A127 at Noak Bridge (A176) and Fairglen interchange (A1245). In November 2008 funding was awarded (£14.7M) via the Governments Community Infrastructure Fund.

The project consists of four highway improvement packages around the Basildon Enterprise Corridor.

• A suite of measures around the A127/A176 Upper Mayne junctions aimed at improving safe access to and from the A127.

• Dualling of the easternmost section of Cranes Farm Road (A1235) from west of Gardiners Lane South to Eastmayne to facilitate further growth in this important employment corridor.

• Northbound capacity enhancement along Eastmayne (A132) between Paycocke Road and the Nevendon interchange (A127) aimed at improving safe access to and from the A127.

• Efficiency improvement measures at the A127/A1245 Fairglen Interchange in particular to facilitate north to west traffic movements.

Timetable for delivery

Scheme Preparation April 2006 to August 2007

Scheme Design August 2007 to April 2009

Public Exhibition March 2009

Advance Works March 2009 to December 2009

Construction Starts May 2009

Scheme Completion March 2011