GRAYS Athletic chairman Mike Woodward has threatened to shut down the club after blasting some fans for making accusations against him.

The transfer of striker Danny Kedwell to AFC Wimbledon sparked comment among some of the club's fans, and their comments included the allegation that Mr Woodward had taken the fee for his own use.

On the eve of the Blue Square Premier club's trip to Woking Mr Woodward, who also acts as team manager, issued a statement on the club's website.

It said: "I have been informed that some of our fans have been in contact with the Non League Press stating that I have taken the transfer money from the Danny Kedwell deal and other avenues.

"Since I came to the club in 2000 I have taken the bull by the horns and put my heart and soul as well as hard cash into this club, if anyone doubts the amount that has been invested they can obtain details from Companies House which will show exactly how much is owed to my company.

"If you look at the crowds that we are getting you can see that someone has to make up the shortfall that is why I have been looking for and agreeing deals with, sponsors to assist with this deficit.

"I personally have not taken a penny out of this club and to have certain sections of Grays Athletic supporters accusing me and my family of taking money from the club disgusts me and I am now getting to the end of my tether.

"A lot of these comments originated from an article that was published in the match day programme regarding changes, this was in regard to changes on the pitch and nothing more; however, 2-3 supporters have taken it on themselves to contrive this statement into something else and to cause a free for all against me and the club.

"If anyone wants to know anything about the club they only have to ask Phil (O'Reilly), Kevin (Lamb) or any other person working directly for the club, if things continue in the same vein then the small minority of supporters who continue to spout their vitriolic remarks will force the closure of this club as Grays Athletic 1982 Ltd will be closed down.

"I have no problems with people having constructive criticism regarding the way we play, formations, players, coaches, management etc but things have been taken too far now.

"This season we have taken on several new players and it does take time for these to gel into a unit "With regards to Danny Kedwell, it was he who requested a transfer from Grays Athletic as he could no longer maintain full-time status and raise his family, so it was with regret that we had to allow him to leave rather than forcing a player whose heart is not in it to stay.

"If supporters would like a meeting to discuss any of the above then please let Phil or Kevin know and we will arrange a date for this to take place."