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There’s been some dubious kit choices over the years in the Premier League. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly springs to mind. Unfortunately for some teams over the years, it has consisted of mainly the bad and the ugly. With the new season approaching you can start wagering on your favourite team. Use the Video Slots bonus code and get exclusive offers and bonuses.

It’s fair to say that as humans our tastes don’t always align with one another. What somebody might consider attractive others will disagree, however, when it comes to sports kits a poor design can create a unanimous verdict. Let’s have a look at some of the less attractive kit designs over the years. Before you start reading, if you are a Premier League’s fan, you can also visit Black Type Bet for up-to-date promotions and bonuses.

The Worst of the Worst

1. Chelsea away kit, 1994 - 1996 season 

Fans made their feelings known about the away kit so who knows how the Chelsea players from 1994-1996 must have felt having to wear the kit in front of thousands of their fans. The colour let the kit down, one could describe it as wrong laundry loads together.

2. Nottingham Forrest away kit, 1995 - 1997 season

A ghastly designed away kit, from the kit design, scribble pattern, then colour and to make matters worse the team did not play well that season, apologies to all those 1995-1997 Nottingham Forrest fans. 

Thurrock Gazette:

3. Manchester United away kit, 1995-1996 season

With a club glorified for their brilliance and success over the years, it’s such a shame that the same cannot be said for their kit choice, maybe Sir Alex Ferguson has not so fond memories about the 1995-1996 kit? 

Thurrock Gazette:

4. Liverpool third kit, 2015 – 2016 season

It’s impossible to look at this Liverpool 2015-2016 kit and not feel for the players having to wear it throughout the season. Some may say they looked like they were ready to go for a jousting contest rather than a professional football match. Fortunately for Liverpool, the kits have improved since then. Even with a terrible shirt, Liverpool could still put together some great football and take attention away (at least somewhat) from their attire.