A Grays resident has raised concerns over littering and anti-social behaviour in a park after her dog cut three of his paws on glass while out on a walk.

Toni Falzon, 27, took her dog for a walk along Elm Road fields in Grays.

While on this walk her labrador suffered cuts to his paw after stepping on broken glass from a smashed bottle.

Deeming the area an “unsafe environment”, Ms Falzon said: “I walk my dog over Elm Road fields and there is glass all over the path and grass next to the kids’ play area.

“My dog has cut three paws open on just one walk.”

In images shown to the Gazette, the park, which is situated between Thameside Primary School and the train tracks, has numerous hazards.

These include smashed bottles across pathways, fly-tipped items in bundles and litter next to play equipment.

Ms Falzon added that she believed that the area has become dangerous at night, calling it a “no-go area”.

She said: “The park is very dangerous to kids and animals.

“At night it a no-go area.

“People are drinking and doing drugs and they smash their bottles after they are finished with them.

“The kids use this play area and it has just been left to deteriorate.

“Because it has not been looked after, the drunks and drug users then smash it up even more.”

Despite the wounds that her dog, Max, received to his paws, he is on the mend and back out playing.

But Ms Falzon is hoping that action can be taken to make sure her dog is not injured again.

A spokesman for Thurrock Council said: “Officers will attend Elm Road and clear the waste today.”