THIS week in Down Memory Lane we visit a water pump driven by wind.

This was located on the East Tilbury marshes, but I am not sure if it was to pump water up for the fields or to pump water to drain the low lying network of fields on the marsh.

The featured photograph shows the pump in the 1950s.

This pump is associated with Gobions Manor, whose farm building and house remained up to the 1970s to the north of the Bata housing estates and to the east of East Tilbury railway station.

The earliest personal association recorded by Randal Bingley, who is studying the history of the manor at present, is Thomas Gubyien in a ‘feet of fines’ (legal document related to land ownership and disputes) dated to 1306.

A later document refers to the North Chapel of East Tilbury Church being set up by Thomas Gobyon in 1328.

Surprisingly we do not have any photographs of the last buildings of Gobions Farm complex so if you have any snaps it would be a useful addition to the historic buildings photographic archive of Thurrock Museum collections.