THURROCK’S council leader has praised the Gazette’s campaign against tolls at the Dartford Crossing and vowed to ensure no third crossing will come through the borough.

Labour leader John Kent outlined the council’s stance regarding the proposal for a new crossing and reiterated the message that he wants the tolls completely removed.

Mr Kent said: “I congratulate the Gazette and Jackie Doyle-Price for adding their voices to the council’s stance on the crossing proposals.

“For the past ten months I and my colleagues have been attempting to raise our concerns over plans to increase crossing tolls by two thirds and we have been working hard to ensure no new crossing comes through Thurrock.

“It was way back in October last year that I revealed the price-hike plans hidden away in the Treasury’s spending review.

“I also expressed my fears that a third crossing would increase and not reduce traffic congestion in our borough.”

He added if the crossing is made free-flow and improvements are made to junctions 30 and 31 on the M25, there would be no need for a new crossing as the motorway’s capacity would increase by around 40 per cent.

He continued: “As people will know, our position is that we would prefer the tolls gone totally, but if that is not possible, the toll booths must go.

“Because this issue is so important to us here in Thurrock, the council has taken the transport lead in the Local Enterprise Partnership. That way we can make sure our voice is heard.

“Because we are leading, we have the weight of Essex, Kent, West Sussex, Medway and Southend behind us and helping us shape national policy.”

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