LABOUR has won the Thurrock elections with 24 councillors to the Conservative's 22.

Labour gained two seats and held seven.

The Tories held four and gained two.

Elected councillors for each ward:

Aveley and Uplands

Maureen Pearce- Conservative (CON HOLD)


Charles Curtis- Labour (LAB HOLD)

Chadwell St Mary

Anthony Fish- Labour (LAB HOLD)

Chafford and North Stifford

Simon Wootton - Conservative (CON HOLD)

Corringham and Fobbing

Mark Coxshall- Conservative (CON GAIN)

East Tilbury

John Purkiss- Independent (IND HOLD)

Grays RiversideValerie Morris Cook - Labour (LAB HOLD)

Grays ThurrockCatherine Kent- Labour (LAB HOLD)

Little Thurrock Rectory

Tom Kelly- Conservative (CON GAIN)


Aaron Kiely- Labour (LAB GAIN)

Stanford-le-Hope East and Corringham Town

Phil Smith- Labour (LAB HOLD)

Stanford-le-Hope West

Shane Hebb - Conservative (CON HOLD)

Stifford Clays

Diana Hale - Labour (LAB HOLD)

The Homesteads

Pauline Tolson - Conservative (CON HOLD)

Tilbury Riverside and Thurrock Park

Clare Baldwin Labour (LAB GAIN)

West Thurrock and South Stifford

Victoria Holloway- Labour (LAB HOLD)