THURROCK’s only British National Party (BNP) councillor has left the party saying it is “falling apart due to mismanagement”.

Emma Colgate, ward councillor for Tilbury Riverside and Thurrock Riverside did not formally announce her resignation, instead handing out her statement to the press before the full council meeting on Wednesday (November 24).

She said: “It has been a very tough decision for me to take and it is not one that has come lightly. I have been unhappy with the leadership of the BNP for some time and I feel the direction the current leadership are taking the party is not in the interest of the British public.

“I still stand true to all the core values of the party and believe it still has many good members and supporters but I feel I am no longer able to represent an organisation that is falling apart due to mismanagement.”

As the only BNP representative in Thurrock cllr Colgate has always been a controversial figure.

After losing out in the General Election cllr Colgate took a swipe at Labour’s candidate Carl Morris and said she “promised to bring him a cup of tea at the job centre on Monday morning”.

Cllr Colgate has been keeping a low profile and had not been seen at a council meeting since July this year.

She explained she did not feel it necessary to resign from her seat because she “represents the same values and policies” that she was elected under and it would cause “financial burden to Thurrock residents” if a by-election had to be called.

She added: “My decision is purely based on administrative procedures and management incompetence and if the current leadership changes hands in the near future I would be more than happy to return as a BNP councillor/ candidate.”

Paul Morris, BNP spokesman for the Eastern region said: "I have not spoken to Emma personally about her reasons for resigning as a personal councillor.

"I do not think it right for a councillor to stand down for personal reasons, Emma was elected as a British National Party member to represent the party. I don't think internal reasons should play a part when you are a councillor.

"Many people were upset internally when Emma gave her vote for Labour councillor John Kent, that call had lots of people annoyed and she lost a lot of support locally."