MOBILE phone giant 02 has vowed to continue putting in planning applications for phone masts in Chafford Hundred until it is successful.

Thurrock Council’s planning department rejected 02’s most recent application to erect a 41 foot phone mast on the corner of Warren Lane and Clock House Lane on Thursday night (August 26).

Officers recommended the committee refused it on the grounds that it would have a detrimental impact on the amenities and outlook of the house nearest to it, and it also raises concerns about highways and pedestrian safety.

02 spokesman Jim Stevenson said at the meeting: “The last time I was here in March the application was knocked back.

“We are going to put appeals in and we are very confident we will get them however long it takes us.

“It was a surprise to me to find that this application had been refused. The officer did not indicate at the site visit he would recommend it for refusal.”

The Gazette has followed the progress of campaign group No More Masts on Chafford who recently made their own documentary highlighting the dangers of a proposed mast in the area.

Lize Ringelmann, spokesman for No More Masts on Chafford said: “We are ecstatic about the councillors decision to reject the plans and we were quite upset when O2 were saying it is not a busy road, when it really is.

“02 have showed their arrogance by saying they are going keep appealing their planning applications. I hope they will come to their senses and look further a-field.

“We are going to keep campaigning and we will stand behind any other residents who are in the same situation.”

Ward councillor for South Chafford, Tunde Ojetola, who spoke in opposition at the meeting said afterwards: “We have mixed feelings, it’s good news the planning committee agreed with the officers recommendations. But I am concerned with 02’s veiled threat that they will just keep putting in more applications until they get what they want.

“02 is a big company and they are throwing their weight around hoping residents will get tired of fighting. The residents will not give up.”