RESIDENTS in Chafford Hundred are so determined to defeat plans for a new phone mast that they have made their own documentary.

Mobile phone giant O2 has applied for permission planning to erect a 41 foot phone mast on the corner of Warren Lane and Clock House Lane.

Residents living near the site are against the mast because they say it will spoil their views and would be dangerous for pedestrians as the mast cabinet would take up most of the pavement on a blind bend.

Tracy Law, who started the “No More Masts on Chafford Focus Group”, said: “Residents who will be directly affected by the mast, have very kindly compiled a mini-documentary to show how dangerous and intrusive O2's proposal for a mast at the corner of Warren Lane and Clockhouse Lane in Chafford Hundred would prove.

“The video very aptly demonstrates the visual impact as well as the immediate health and safety risk to pedestrians and especially cyclists - who may be caused to swerve off of the pavement, on this blind bend into the path of oncoming traffic.”

O2 spokesman Jim Stevenson said: “When we make an application we look at how much space there is for the mast, once we’ve looked at that we go to the highways department and if there is a problem they come back to us, if they don’t come back to us we go ahead with the application.

“We’ve applied in Chafford Hundred a few times now and we’ve suffered a couple of knock backs from the council so we know what is suitable.

“We didn’t think this location in Chafford Hundred would cause any real problem because while there are houses on one side of the road, there are just bushes and trees on the other.”

Speaking about the campaign group’s documentary, Mr Stevenson added: “I’ve never come across that before, we did have song in the North East though.

“We support anyone who takes the time to put together a video, as long as it is informative and not all about “we don’t want masts”.

“If they had asked me I would have been happy to be in the video.”

To check out campaign video go online to