A MAN was injured after he wrestled a Japanese fighting dog to save a spaniel.

Colin King, 32, was driving to a shop in East Tilbury when he saw a huge Akita dog rip a King Charles cavalier spaniel out of its terrified owner’s arms.

People outside Khan’s store, in Coronation Avenue, watched in horror, but Colin quickly sprang into action.

He said: “The spaniel was screaming, the Akita was shaking it in its mouth, ripping lumps out of it. I kicked it, but it wouldn’t let go so I grabbed it around the neck and started choking it.

“These fighting dogs are about 55 kilos, stronger than Staffordshire terriers. I weigh 115 kilos and I’m 5ft10ins, but it was chucking me around like a lump of meat.

“It dragged me into the road and traffic had to stop.

“I must have been wrestling it for three minutes before it started to weaken and let go of the spaniel.”

Colin thought the fight was over as the dog ran off, but minutes later it came back and tried to take the bleeding spaniel out of its owner’s arms again. Colin caught it before it could do any more damage, and another man at the scene took off his belt to make a makeshift lead.

Colin, of Princess Margaret Avenue, was left with cuts to his arms and legs and a ripped T-shirt and jeans, and the owner of the spaniel was bitten on the hand.

The owners, who declined to comment to the Gazette, have since contacted Colin via Facebook to thank him.

They told him the dog, which had to have stitches and has scarring on its internal organs, is recovering.

Colin and his wife Ellie, who have three dogs, are calling for tougher laws on dog control.

He added: “I heard the dog had been roaming around all day on its own causing disturbances.

“My dogs don’t get out because I’ve got sufficient locks and fencing.

“It’s really worrying nothing can be done – I’ve got a daughter and if one of those dogs can do that to a spaniel, what would it do to a small child?”

The incident took place at 5.20pm on Wednesday, June 30.