THE victim of a horrific hit-and-run accident is set to skydive for charity.

Ruben Carril, 44, of Harrisons Wharf, Purfleet, had to have his left leg amputated after his motorcycle was hit by a lorry when he was living in the USA in 2005.

The lorry driver, who left him for dead, has never been traced.

When he moved to the UK in 2007 Ruben became a volunteer for the Limbless Association charity in London, which offers advice and support to amputees and their families.

It is this charity that he is hoping to raise cash for when he takes on a £12,000ft tandem skydive with the London Parachute School on July 18.

Ruben said: "I have so far raised £109 and hope to get up to £2000.

"I work with the charity because I know how it feels emotionally to lose a limb. I want to help others so, I counsel people and share my experiences with them.

"When I meet new people I always let them know that it's not the end of their life, and there is always hope, so anything can be achieved if they are determined.”

The former Environment Manager said he is glad to have put the past behind him, after deciding to leave his home town in California for a new life in the UK.

Ruben told the Gazette he has plans to publish a book by the end of the year, about his personal experience on the road to recovery after the accident.

The story deals with him losing his business in the USA because he couldn’t work, then meeting his wife, a physiotherapist, online and moving to the UK to start his new life.

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