A THURROCK woman is getting set to skydive for the Haiti charity appeal – topless!

Mother-of-two Katrina Mager, 32, says she has always wanted to do something big for charity and she thought now was the time when the devastating earthquake struck Haiti last month.

Ms Mager said: “I have always planned to do something for charity and after seeing all the devastation in Haiti it made me act. A lot of the time you are able to block out the realities, but not this time.

“I was meant to be doing the skydive with my friend Lynn, but she has been ruled out because of high blood pressure. She is the daredevil, I am really hoping she can still come up in the plane with me.”

The daredevil says she wants to raise at least £2,000 for the charity.

Ms Mager added: “I am petrified of doing it topless. At first it started as a joke, but a guy at UNICEF said it was a brilliant idea, he said only one other woman has skydived topless that he knew of.

“I want it to catch people’s attention and donate as much as they can.”

Katrina is set to do the dive on Saturday, March 20, in Suffolk.