A RESIDENT from Chafford Hundred is urging everyone in the town to join together and fight the erection of two phone masts.

Tracy Law found out two days ago O2 and Vodafone are preparing to errect a 41 foot phone mast on Warren Lane, yards from her home.

When she looked into the plans Mrs Law then discovered another phone mast is planned just under a mile and a half away in Fenner Road.

Mrs Law, 46, is particularly concerned the masts are 3G, not just the standard mobile phone masts, as she has heard they emit higher radiation.

She said: “This is something that everyone in Chafford Hundred should be worried about, but the council has only sent out letters to a handful of residents so not everyone knows about it.

“If we don’t sit up and do something about this then it will be too late.”

Among the concerns are that the phone masts will have health implications, be an eyesore, and will affect residents being able to sell their houses.

Because the masts are under 15 metres tall the phone company does not need planning permission to put them up, however, Thurrock Council can still block the masts if it has concerns about appearance and siting issues.

Residents have until February 10 to register their objection with the council.

Tory ward councillors Tunde Ojetola and Neil Rockliffe are supporting the campaign against the masts.

There will be a meeting about the plans during Cllr Rockliffe’s surgery at the Drake Community Centre, on Drake Road, on Saturday at 11.30am.

Thurrock Council spokesperson Andy Lever said: “The telecoms providers have to submit their application for masts to the planning authority for ‘prior approval’ according to planning law and must be accompanied by an International Council on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection certificate.

“These are not planning applications where the authority can refuse permission, but the authority can consider siting and appearance issues. It cannot consider such things as health grounds, property values etc.”

A campaign website is being launched today at www.nomastsonchafford.org.

If you would like to help out with the campaign email info@nomastsonchafford.org.