A CHURCH which has outgrown its building is on the move again.

Chafford Hundred Community Church was set up in 1994 and its first meeting was held in a lounge with just ten people.

Now 15 years later, the congregation can fluctuate between 250 and 300 people each Sunday.

It is now moving to a new building to accommodate its growing needs.

Founding member Simon Ward, 46, of Cecil Avenue, Chafford Hundred, told the Gazette how he has helped manage the move from the present venue, at the community centre in Drake Road, to its new venue, at the Chafford Hundred Campus, in Mayflower Avenue.

Mr Ward said: “The move has been taking place over the past few weeks.

“We got too big for the community centre, but we are still running clubs from there.

“On a Sunday we have five youth groups running at once, catering from babies up to the age of 21.”

Mr Ward described the organisation as a church without a building – and said how great it was that the congregation just keeps growing.

He added: “I think it demonstrates that people are still looking to worship and we hope the church will continue to grow and serve the community.

“The church exists to serve the community.”

The first service in the new church will take place on Sunday, November 8.

For more information, call David Bareham on 01375 484101.