COUNCILLORS called for more research into the potential dangers of mobile phone masts after another application came before the planning committee.

They was discussing a Vodafone Ltd application for a 12metre (40 foot) mast with equipment and metre cabinets being sited just 100 metres from residents on the Globe Industrial Estate in Towers Road, Little Thurrock.

The planning committee was asked not to take the unknown health concerns into account and only comment on the planning and design of the mast.

The committee was advised to approve the application but unanimously rejected it accusing the council of “acquiescing to these underhand applications”.

At the meeting of the planning committee on Thursday May 14, Substitute committee member, Cllr Carl Morris, said: “It irritates me that the council have acquiesced to underhand applications from these companies.

“The council should reject this application and say to the phone mast people that they should start playing fair with us.”

Ward Councillor for Little Thurrock, Cllr Rob Gledhill, criticised the applicants for not consulting the residents properly or considering there is a children’s nursery nearby.

Meanwhile Cllr Barrie Lawrence said: “If this mast affects the health of one person then it is one person too many. Some might not have a conscience but I have.”

Committee member Cllr Gerard Rice, said: “They have to look for countryside sites. I would never ever subject residents and people that work in industrial sites to this risk.”

The committee gave a number of reasons for rejecting the proposal including: “not enough research had been done into alternative locations”, “it is too close to residents”, “It’s visual aspect” and the “planning and design of the mast most notably it being too high”.