CAMPAIGNERS against plans for a new mobile phone mast near their homes have won their fight.

At a meeting of Thurrock Council’s Planning Committee on Thursday April 3 the plans, which were submitted by Telefonica O2 UK Limited, were unanimously rejected.

The plans were for a 12.5 meter high mast and equipment cabinet located within a highway verge in Lodge Lane know locally as The Spinney.

Residents living around The Spinney, an area of open space, have previously made their feelings clear by making placards and demonstrating.

They also handed Grays Thurrock councillor, Peter Harris, a petition signed by more than 200 people.

He said: “I was really pleased by the amount of people who took interest in this. It showed the level of feeling. People are not happy about these things and risks are unknown.

“It would have been totally out of place where they wanted to put it.”

Grays ward councillor, Yash Gupta, said: “I’m objecting to this application on the grounds of its proximity to local people. This land is used by mothers and their children.”

Although the committee were instructed by officers not to consider the unknown health implications of siting a mobile phone mast in the area when making their decision Committee member Councillor Barrie Lawrence, said: “Say we don’t know how safe these things are. There’s a risk and i’m yet to be convinced that these are safe.

“It’s far too big we don’t want it.”

Resident Nick Johnson, 40, of Lodge Lane, said: “We’re very pleased because it would have been a monstrosity stuck in the middle of a field on one of the borough’s nicer roads.

“Well done to the 260 who signed the petition and councillors Harris, Gupta and Hale.”

The mast was originally destined for the Treacle Mine roundabout, but planning permission was refused.