Reform has gained the South Basildon and East Thurrock seat from the Tories after a night filled with drama and a full re-count today.

James McMurdock has won the seat with a majority of just 98 votes from Labour candidate Jack Ferguson after a "nail-biting" recount for the party.

After the initial count had finished at around 4am, Labour leader of Basildon Council Gavin Callaghan claimed Reform was ahead of Labour by 122 votes. However, the deputy leader claimed "numerous mistakes" had been made.

At 6am, a full recount was called, candidates were sent home and Thurrock Civic Centre was closed.

Adele Brown, Labour councillor and Deputy Leader of Basildon Council, said at the time: "It's very obvious that numerous mistakes have been made.

"From a ballot paper for the Thurrock election being found to numerous bundles having the wrong party within them that affected not just Labour, but other parties.

"It showed that enough mistakes had been made that we could not trust the integrity of the count. The attorney has made the correct decision and one we have been pushing for."

The win means that Reform has gained five seats in the General Election. One seat is still yet to be declared, with Inverness, Skye and West Ross-shire recounting tomorrow morning.