A DISTRESSED driver was left facing Dartford Crossing fines of more than £500 despite paying for an annual membership allowing for unlimited passage.

Donna Jenkins, 41, of Waldon, East Tilbury, started a new job in June requiring travel to Kent daily.

In July she paid £20 to sign up for Dart Charge’s Local Resident Discount Scheme allowing for unlimited travel across Dartford Crossing for one year.

Donna uses a company car and had to change its registration twice, but claims a ‘broken system’ has meant she’s had to pay ‘countless amounts to cross’.

Donna said: “The website doesn’t work and you can’t upload documents properly. I’ve been told different rules depending on who I’ve spoken to and it’s an absolute nightmare.

“My £20 annual fee has quickly become a couple of hundred pounds, I could barely change cars the first time and I’m in the process of doing it a second time and now it’s even worse.

“I finally got through to someone on December 16 and he begrudgingly switched my details but I got a further email on December 23 saying my details were changed back. I no longer have that vehicle.”

Donna added she is set to receive eight £70 parking fines totalling £560 despite paying £20 for unlimited passage.

Following further conversations with the Dart Charge team, Donna was allegedly told ‘nothing could be done’ to scrap the fines and she would have to appeal them.

She added: “It’s an absolute farce and I am losing my mind with all of this.

“All I’ve received is apologies with one customer service member saying they were so busy and had 30,000 complaints.

“It’s so fundamentally broken that the scheme to benefit Thurrock residents is just costing me a fortune.”

After the Echo intervened National Highways said it had contacted Ms Jenkins and cancelled the penalty charge notices.

A spokesman said: “We have contacted the customer today and apologised for the technical issues they have faced with their Dart Charge account.

“Ms Jenkins has confirmed that she is happy with the resolution that the penalty charge notices have been cancelled, and her account is now set up correctly.”