A "furious" councillor has called on officers to apologise for failing to compile reports ahead of a specially convened meeting.

Luke Spillman, Conservative Chair of the Planning, Transport and Regeneration committee has refused to cancel an extraordinary meeting of the committee on Wednesday because council officers have failed to deliver two reports.

The first was on the lessons learnt from a Best Value Report, published in the wake of the financial and major projects scandals that led to government intervention. A second report on the Grays Town Fund, which has received £19.9 million Government funding for an improvement programme, was also due to be discussed by councillors.

With no other items on the agenda other than an agreement of a future work programme for the committee, it will be convened only to question council officers over the missing reports.

Mr Spillman said: "Time and time again this department has failed council leaders, cabinet, committee, councillors and most importantly the residents of Thurrock. Yet here we are again with another unacceptable administrative cock up.

"Officers have requested that I cancel the meeting which I have of course refused. They can come to committee and explain to members why they can't even meet the most basic of scrutiny requirements."

In the wake of issuing a s114 notice and being kept under the eye of Government appointed commissioners over £1.3 million debt from bad investments, the council promised more openness and transparency. A subsequent Best Value Inspection uncovered a series of failures by the council.

Mr Spillman added: "It cannot be lost open anyone how embarrassing failing to produce a report about the lessons learnt from the Best Value Inspection report is. The report was damning of historical incompetence concerning major projects. To date there is no sign of the Grays Town Fund report either. "The department has been very candid and accepted full responsibility for its historical failings. The committee has rightly praised them for doing so. However, this new found transparency is worth precious little if it isn't accompanied by improvement in operational and administrative performance. What a complete shambles all around. I'm absolutely furious."

The committee will meet on Wednesday.

The council was asked to comment.