THURROCK Independents say they want to bring “power back to the people”.

The group, which is not aligned to any political party, says it wants to “improve and secure the future of the borough for families in the community.

The administration’s financial failings, which have left the borough with millions of pounds of debt, are high on the agenda for the Independents who say they will “tackle the failings”.

The group says it will keep weekly bin collections and keep the street lights on.

They will push for homes for constituents instead of catering to the needs of property developers and London boroughs.

In addition, they pledge to protect green spaces from being concreted over or used to make way for wind farms.

There will be a “zero tolerance” approach to antisocial behaviour.

Residents will also be “given a voice” in the council chamber with “no more secrets” within any new administration.

Gary Byrne, leader of the Thurrock Independent Group, said: “Thurrock is effectively bankrupt there is no magic wand, the Conservatives’ Thurrock bubble has burst. Our aims and promises are achievable with no or at low cost. “Priority homes for Thurrock’s residents comes for free, protecting our green spaces comes for free, giving the residents a say in chamber comes for free, improved project management on bin collections comes for free.”

Mr Byrne added: “The main parties can no longer continue to throw money at a problem hoping it will go away. They have killed the golden goose. It’s the residents who will suffer for many years to come as a direct result.

“Our policy is tell our residents the truth. Giving residents false hope while canvassing on doorsteps only to let residents down again after the election maybe the Conservative way. We prefer putting resident first, politics a poor second.”