A PROTEST took place outside a school in a bid to reinstate a former head teacher.

Parents and carers gathered outside of Ortu Gable Hall School in Corringham, as they push to reinstate Ceri Evans.

Protestors were outside the gates of the school for a few hours, in hopes of getting their message across.

Almost 2,000 signatures have been made on an online petition to reinstate Mr Evans, who has resigned 

The school was rated inadequate, with inspectors raising concerns over a failure to “establish an effective safeguarding culture”.

Following the report, a spokesman for the Ortu Federation, which runs the school, said: “We accept the thoroughness of the report, recognise the need to make urgent improvement at the school.

“We are taking urgent action to improve the school. This repair work began well before the report was published and some improvements are already well developed.”

There has also been an advertisement for a new headteacher put up.

This news was met with plenty of controversy online, leading to the peaceful protest outside the front of the school on Saturady.

In the online petition, started by Madleyn Sharman-Cole, it showed support for the ex-head saying: “Mr Evans is an amazing head teacher who always puts our children first.”

“Our kids and the whole school will really suffer without him.”