A MUSICIAN has shared what it’s been like to be chosen as UK’s entry for Eurovision, with just two weeks to go until the final.

Sam Ryder went from being an unknown artist to a TikTok sensation over the coronavirus pandemic, winning famous fans like Sia and Justin Bieber.

The singer-songwriter from Maldon gained more than 12 million followers on the platform through his covers.

This is one of the highest followings among the UK artists on the social media platform.

Now he is preparing to compete for the UK at Eurovision, a night which could make or break his career.

He’s received a huge amount of support since he was revealed to be the nation’s entry for the famous song contest.

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Sam said: “Now that I’ve been in the Eurovision hurricane for a few weeks, it is true what they say: there is no experience like Eurovision.

“It’s bonkers. It’s incredible and beautiful.”

He will be performing his viral song Space Man at the contest’s grand final in Turin, Italy on May 14.

Sam is dismissive of the idea his social media success gives him an advantage, as he says the best strategy is to stay true to himself.

Despite the UK’s poor showing in recent years, Sam added: “If I change my relationship to singing, it’s a dangerous thing because I’m messing with something that has been such an important part of my life.

“So to make it strategic and to make it so that the happiness it gives me is dependent on where I come on a scoreboard is something I really don’t want to mess with.

“I want to focus on the fact that I’ve been asked to do it.

“I’ve been invited to share the stage with amazing performers from all over Europe, celebrating music and songwriting.

“They are the facts that I can hold on to and put my positive energy and focus into.”

Fans will be able to tune into the final on BBC One and BBC iPlayer and on BBC Radio 2 and BBC Sounds from 8pm.