A POLICE sergeant who has been serving the Colchester community for the past decade has shared her fascinating insight into the role.

Special Sergeant Justyna Nowicka currently acts as an inspector at Essex Police after joining the force in December 2009.

Sgt Nowicka arrived in England without any language or life skills but this did not stop her from opening a successful business and providing a better life to her family in Poland.

Her loyalty to the service have been recognised with a Commendation award from the chief constable, together with the recognition for commitment and support for the past 11 years.

Apart from helping people, she says she enjoys “ the feeling of purpose.”

She said: “I enjoy being part of a team who is always there for me and accept me for who I am not where I’m from.

“I enjoy the adrenaline rush, decision making process and feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day.

“As a sergeant, I discovered that the success of every member of my team is also my success, I discovered that I enjoy and feel proud when I see my officers achieving great performance, joining the force as a police officer and supporting other people in need.”

Sgt Nowicka said one of the greatest challenges was the language barrier, which made her concerned she would be treated differently to other British people.

She added: “I was also concerned my community wouldn’t accept me as a police officer. I lost so many people who I called “friends”, but I gained so many more true friends who accept me and are still by my side today.”

Sgt Nowicka has also encouraged everyone from the BAME community thinking about joining Essex Police to simply believe in themselves.

She added: “I didn’t believe in myself, but Essex Police did.

“I feel valued and gain respect from other people as a result of my hard work and commitment.

“When people look at me, they don’t just see me as a Polish person any more. I am Justyna and I am part of the Essex Police family.”