A SENIOR paramedic has been struck-off the medical register after a panel ruled he touched a junior colleague’s breast, groped her buttocks and put his hand between her thighs.

Kenneth Tovee, who is still employed by the East of England Ambulance Service but no longer as a paramedic, has been removed from the Health and Care Professions Council following an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct.

The decision was made following a hearing led by the Health and Care Professions Tribunal Service which concluded his fitness to practise had been impaired.

The case against Tovee, who is based at Colchester Ambulance Station, was made-up of four main allegations.

Thurrock Gazette:

The first detailed how he put his hand between his colleague’s legs at the top of her thighs while she was sitting in an ambulance after she had finished a night shift.

He is then said to have moved his hand up and down for between five and ten seconds causing friction in her groin area while casually speaking to her about work.

Tovee was also ruled to have put his hands down the paramedic’s top before touching her breast while attending a patient call out in Fingringhoe.

This occurred as they waited for the door of the emergency patient’s flat to be opened and ended with Tovee saying: “That has got me going”.

The hearing was told on more than one occasion Tovee also touched the buttocks of the female worker while hugging her at Colchester Ambulance Station.

Tovee was also accused of making crude remarks to a paramedic such as “If you have sex with me, I will take you to Bora Bora”.

Thurrock Gazette:

Explaining the decision to relieve Tovee of ability to be a paramedic, the tribunal service said his actions were sexually motivated for his own gratification.

The panel also said there was a risk he could reoffend and put patients at risk of harm.

A spokesman for the Health and Care Professions Tribunal Service said: “Mr Tovee’s conduct fell far below the high standards to be expected of a paramedic.

“The misconduct has impacted adversely on Colleague A, who told the panel she had felt “violated”, “completely disrespected”, “shocked”, and “quite stunned”.

“Colleague A said the conduct had affected her personal relationships in such a way that she could now no longer stand the thought of anyone touching her breasts.

“There was a clear imbalance of power in their working relationship which Mr Tovee, as the senior professional, abused in acting as he did.”

An East of England Ambulance Service spokesperson said: “We take all allegations of misconduct extremely seriously. 

"This case is subject to an ongoing internal investigation and it would therefore be inappropriate to comment further at this time.”