TWO protestors who have spent the past few days in a tunnel underneath a road have been arrested.

Essex Police says the duo are among another 70 people arrested in connection with demonstrations at fuel depots in Thurrock in the last 24 hours.

It takes the total number of arrests beyond 250 since the protests began last week.

Officers arrested two people from the tunnel after they voluntarily emerged from it yesterday (April 5) around 5.30pm.

They had dug a hole beneath a road near the Navigator Oil Terminal site in Grays as part of Just Stop Oil’s ongoing demonstrations.

The pair were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and endangering other road users.

>>Video shows firefighers rescuing protestors in tunnel in Essex <<

Despite further protests at depots today, police say only one site is still experiencing disruption.

Essex Police Assistant Chief Constable Rachel Nolan said: “Despite having a period yesterday when all sites were cleared, the protesters have returned in the early hours today, causing disruption to the business community.

“We continue to engage with a small number of people who continue to cause disruption and who remain on site.

“We want to bring this situation to a safe conclusion for everyone concerned, allowing the Thurrock communities to resume their business activities.

“We want to resume normality as quickly as we can.”

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service continues to provide support at the site occupied by protesters.

James Palmer, Head of Prevention and Protection at the service, said: “Our crews have been on-hand to maintain a safe environment and assist in the safe removal of protestors.”